Mother’s Day Activities| Mildura South Kindergarten

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Mildura South Kindergarten  Mother’s Nights on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of first week of May. The children presented handmade gifts to their mums, participated in a variety of craft activities and enjoyed a shared dinner. The annual event is a highlight for the children, who enjoy being at kindergarten in the evening and showing their mums the different skills they’ve been learning.

At the Group 1 event, the mums were given heart shaped name badges featuring a golden chrysanthemum. The children decorated fridge magnets, added flower pictures to paper handbags, coloured in puppets, created finger flowers and made necklaces. Popular classroom activities including jigsaw puzzles, playdough and painting were also on offer. At the end of the session the children and mums danced to a couple of songs and listened to the story ‘The Messy Mother’s Day” by Lucie Billingsley.

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