Healthy Eating at Kinder

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Fruit/Lunch & Drinks Helpful tips

  • Each child needs to bring to kindergarten a bottle of water for drinking. Please ensure that your child can manage opening and closing the bottle.
  • We ask that parents support our healthy food policy by sending nutritious everyday food to kindergarten. Please check that your child can open their lunch box.
  • Water bottles and lunch boxes need to be clearly labelled.
  • For lunch we ask that the children bring a healthy lunch in line with our policy. Please do not send Nutella, jam, peanut paste or food containing nuts. Sugary snacks, cakes, chocolate, biscuits and sticky buns. Cakes, biscuits or anything in a commercial wrapper – food that has been commercially produced-muesli bars, fruit bars usually have traces of nuts and we will not allow children to consume these on the premises as we often have children with life threatening allergies to nuts and nut products


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