Parental Involvement

Please check with your child’s educators regarding current Covid restrictions as it is an evolving situation, we apologise for the uncertainty.

We look forward to getting to know all our parents and encourage everyone to get involved wherever possible.

There are plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved that are listed below in addition to Committees, Fundraising and Social Events – please contact the centre for more details.

Parent Duty

A parent duty roster will be drawn up at the commencement of each term. Parents are asked to stay for part/full sessions when on parent duty. During the session you can help in many ways i.e. with activities, supervision, cleaning up after fruit and general tidying up. The children do enjoy having a parent/grandparent or carer doing duty during he year to share their Kindergarten experience. Parents must adhere to the Centres’ confidentiality policy. Parents are invited and welcome to come and share their work or recreational talents with the group i.e. sports, woodwork, cooking, sewing.


During 2 terms (to be determined by the Fundraising Committee) the kindergarten runs a variety of fundraisers. Government funding does not cover all facets of the Early Years Learning Framework. We are not funded for our art supplies, toys, games and other equipment. Money raised through our fundraising ventures directly benefits the children i.e. bikes, supplies, books, new toys, etc. and the shortfall of costs for employment of staff (administration, Currants & Sultanas Educators). Our fundraising committee does a wonderful job, lets help them be successful. We look forward to your support and ideas with regard to the year’s activities.


Excursions are taken to places of special interest and preference is given to suitable live theatre productions. Buses are always used unless the venue is within reasonable walking distance.

There is an Excursion Officer appointed for each Kindergarten group. Parents are invited and a friendly welcome to our Excursions. Parents who help staff during excursions are asked not to bring other children and will be required to wear a Kindergarten name tag, supervise children and abide by the Kindergarten’s Excursion Policy.


If you would like your child to share their birthday with their Kindergarten friends, we ask that you provide mini individual cakes or alternative fruit kebabs (23 Children per class). Please inform staff if you intend to celebrate your child’s birthday at Kindergarten. It is about the occasion rather than the food.

Working Bees

May be held at certain times during the year, for general cleaning and maintenance. We look forward to and appreciate your attendance on these occasions.

Useful Junk – Useful Junk material is always needed for box art and craft.

Best Junk: cardboard, computer paper with plain side, corrugated paper, colourful wool, material/fabric/lace (especially larger pieces), magazines, envelopes, luncheon cardboard rolls (not toilet rolls), old make up, wallpaper, straws, shells from beach, small boxes, cotton reels, nature items – pods, seeds, pine cones etc., soft wood is always needed for wood work.

(No Egg cartons or yoghurt containers!)

Additionally we can use: costumes, fancy dress, dress ups, high heel shoes (size 6 or below), jewellery, fancy hats (girls/boys), windcheaters, shorts, long pants, socks and singlets.