Our Environment

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We go out of our way to create an indoor and outdoor environment for our children that is stimulating, constantly evolving, and of course fun!


We are proud of our newly renovated outdoor space. A treasure trove of garden, sand and water play for the children to explore, learn and imagine!

The outside area provides the children with the opportunity to explore and develop a relationship with the natural environment. It allows the children to appreciate the aesthetics of the world around them such as smells and textures and for them to learn from plants and insects.

Our playground increases the children’s appreciation of a natural environment and fosters a responsibility to preserve it.

The area is interactive and allows for more focussed play in terms of learning, role play and imaginative play.

We have a solar pump water area, drought tolerant plants and a worm farm. In the sand pit we have a bridge, boulders and natural elements that children use in their play and that add another dimension to their play. We use the plant areas to create small world play experiences for the children such as a dinosaur land or jungle.

The climbing equipment is free standing so it can be moved around and changed frequently to meet the needs of the children.


Our light bright indoor area is constantly evolving and adapting to our children’s needs and learning experience. Natural open-ended materials are incorporated into the experiences to complement our outdoor space and bring ‘the outside in’.

We set the room up to ensure there are quiet areas, small group experiences and individual experiences to cater for all the children.

We have a large area for our group times where we discuss issues that children may have, work on experiments, sing, use musical instruments, dance or play group games.

The role-play area is changed frequently to meet the needs and interests of the groups. Role-play experiences have included an airport, hairdressers, hospital, office, castle, and three bears cottage.

We have gradually been replacing our storage furniture to provide children with the opportunity to choose their own equipment and experiences.


We are lucky to be able to offer varied excursions as well as incursions. We believe this is an important part of the program and the children’s education.

Each year, the three and four year old children thoroughly enjoy a variety of incursions ranging from animal encounters, educational talks and shows. The children in our four year old program are always ecstatic about the incredible line up of excursions we offer – experiences that stay with them forever.

A sample of the excursions and incursions