Policies and Procedures

Mildura South Kindergarten ensures its policies and procedures are available at all times for parents.

Please make yourself aware of these policies as they cover many important areas concerning our kindergarten.



To complete the early childhood immunisation programme, children must have had their scheduled 4 Year Old immunisation when due. Contact Mildura Rural City Council 50188100.


If your child is unwell, please keep them home until he/she is well. we will miss your child if they are not at Kindergarten, so please ring and inform us of any absence. We have an exclusion period for certain infectious diseases outlined in our policies.

If the teacher suspects that your child may be suffering from an infectious disease they will contact the parent/guardian and may ask for the child to be seen by a General Practitioner.

Please refer to some common infectious conditions and exclusion times as recommended by the Department of Human Services Regulations and has been downloaded from the Official DHS website.


Delivery and Collection of Children

Under the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011, parents must sign their child in and out AT THE TIME OF ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE in the attendance book. If someone other than those people nominated on the enrolment form is to collect your child written authorisation must be given before your child can leave. Please remember to tell your child of the change. Written authorisation means informing the staff of these changes so that they are recorded on the enrolment form. Age minimum for collecting children is 16 years of age.

Late Collection of Children

It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to collect their child promptly at the conclusion of the session. The Committee recognises however, that there may be isolated occasions when parents/guardians may be delayed through no fault of their own.

The Committee also has a responsibility for staff who have other tasks to complete after the conclusion of the session and who must be paid if they remain after their rostered finishing time. If a parent/guardian or carer is 15 minutes late the following procedure is followed:

  • The first time a parent/guardian is late the late book must be signed by the parent/guardian and the teacher-in-charge.
  • The second time a parent.guardian is late for 15 minutes or more a late collection fee of $10.00 is applied and the late book signed.
  • Subsequent entries into the late book within the term will result in payment of staff wages for the amount of time the parent/guardian is late.


Entrance Gate

it is essential that an adult open the gate. you must never let your child open the gate or climb the fences and never let any other child in or out of the premises without their parent/guardian’s permission. The kitchen entrance (Room 1 only) into the kindergarten is for staff only. Please always enter via main entrance.


All children are to be supervised at all times on the play equipment. NO children are to paly on the equipment before, during or after sessions except during specific ‘outside time’. No siblings/other children are to play on the outdoor equipment at all.



Please name all items of clothing so we can return them to the right owner.

As your child will be involved in using a variety of craft materials(e.g. glue, paint, clay, textas, dyes) and outdoor activities that may include water, it is necessary for them to wear practical clothing. Protective clothing is provided but accidents do happen and the digging pit and sandpit are very popular.

Minimise stress to yourself by being practical in what your child wears to kindergarten. It is highly recommended that children with long hair have it tied back away from their face. Children with earrings are asked to wear only studs to prevent any mishaps in the playground.

Suitable Clothing – Tracksuits, t-shirts, shorts, pants. Because of our Sun Smart Policy tops must have sleeves; no strapless, sleeveless tops or dresses, no singlets.

Please send an extra set of clothes in your child’s bag in case of emergencies (toileting, water, sand, mud, food). 


Shoe Policy

Children attending Mildura South Kindergarten must wear shoes that are secure on the child’s feet, both back and front with a non slip sole eg: sneakers, school sandals, enclosed shoes.

A bonus is shoes and socks that children can take off themselves and be assisted to put on.

This is to ensure the safety of the children when moving about the playground/playroom and when they are utilising the play equipment. Shoes that enclose the child’s feet assist the child’s balance and offers support to the child in their movement around the playground/playroom.

Children with inappropriate footwear may be excluded from some activities due to safety issues. 



Mildura South Kindergarten is registered for the victorian prevention and Health Promotion Achievement Program run through Sunraysia Community Health Services and adheres to the recommendations of the Australian Nutrition Standards.

The children are to bring either fresh fruit, vegetables or cheese each day, this will stay in their bags until snack time. For lunch sessions (4 year old Group1, 2 and 3) we ask that lunch boxes contain only everyday foods, ie: sandwiches with plenty of filling, a piece of fruit, and water. The usual piece of fruit is still required for snack time on lunch days, refrigeration is available.

Children bring their own water bottle daily. This is to kept in their bag for easy access. Mildura South Kindergarten Water Bottles are for sale at $5.00 each available at administration office.

The Committee of Management remains firm on ONLY Everyday foods NO sometimes foods ie: SWEETS, CAKES, Biscuits, SOFT DRINKS, ROLL UPS, FLAVOURED MILK, JUICE (with additives) and CORDIAL.

NO NUT POLICY – children are NOT to bring any nuts or foods containing nuts. Thank you for your co-operation. This is for the wellbeing of all our children.



The rules children are expected to observe are based on safety for the group and care of the equipment.

The Children are free to select where they will play, but behaviour limits are set.

  • Children are encouraged to realise that their bodies belong to them, hence no hitting or cuddling each other without permission from the other person.
  • Walking inside and on the concrete areas at all times.
  • Never carry blocks on climbing equipment.
  • Never throw blocks or sand or use stones, sticks or equipment for weapons.
  • Climbing equipment must never be moved.
  • Ask for permission before removing shoes and socks.
  • Use appropriate smocks for painting, clay and water use.
  • Replace equipment after use.
  • Wash hands on arrival, before eating, after the toilet and before handling books.
  • Never climb on fences or gates.
  • Be nice to each other recognise and respect other people’s feelings.
  • We must respect one another and other people’s property.
  • The Learning Environment must Sound, Look and Feel right.
  • No Bullying like behaviour.


Please click here to download our Policies and Procedures PDF. The policies are available from the office and are reviewed each year.